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Trust in an embedded system can only exist if it is secure by design.

Philip Attfield, Sequitur Labs

Our Vision

Our vision: Securing the Connected World

Sequitur Labs delivers security, tooling and process to bring trusted, resilient products to market.

Over 20 billion embedded systems are expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. From medical devices to self-driving automobiles and industrial robots, these devices will connect people, integrate processes and drive global productivity. These devices will collect and ingest data and feed AI algorithms in order to accelerate and improve decision-making. They are at the heart of a “Smart Future”. McKinsey & Co. measures the economic impact of the connected economy in trillions of dollars over the next decade.

The greatest obstacle to this smart future is—SECURITY. Without the right security framework, each connected device is an easy, juicy target for malicious attacks. The last three years have seen a number of attacks such as Mirai and there will surely be more. Securing connected devices is therefore a prime imperative. So why aren’t companies taking steps to do so? They are. The reality is that securing embedded devices is hard. It’s expensive.

We are working to make it simple, affordable and accessible.

We are your security team.

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Sequitur Labs' Vision

Executive Leadership

Sequitur is a growing team of veteran technologists with decades of experience in security software and systems. Sequitur's team is led by visionaries who pioneered early security solutions for the PC market and now are creating an entirely new security platform for mobile devices.

Phil Attfield brings a strong background in computing, networking, security and systems modeling. He has more than 20 years of industry experience in large enterprises and small entrepreneurial firms.

Starting his career at Nortel, Phil was a member of its scientific staff and developed software tools and in-house products for modeling, synthesis and verification of telecom and network equipment hardware.

Later, Phil founded Signal 9 Solutions, a firm that pioneered PC/desktop firewalls and created the Conseal brand of security products. Phil served as CEO until the company was acquired by McAfee® during the rapid broadband expansion phase of the Internet. Phil then joined the Phantom Works/R&D division of The Boeing Company where he led the team responsible for the development of a large-scale security policy and management framework.

Other Notable Roles

His computer and network engineering experience has qualified Phil for a number of high profile roles in the field of digital forensics. He served as expert witness for the Department of Justice in the prosecution of United States v. Gorshkov, an international cybercrime case that serves as a bellwether case for subsequent prosecution of cybercrimes. Phil is a frequent keynote speaker at international security conferences and facilitated workshops and discussions for the G8 Crime in Cyberspace events in Germany and Japan.

Simon Curry has more than 40 years of experience in hardware and software design and verification. He spent 17 years as one of the founding professors of Computer Science at the University of Quebec before moving into the microelectronics and telecommunications industry, where he gained wide and deep experience while working on chip and SoC projects for firms such as Motorola®/FreescaleTM, Nortel (USA), Bell Northern Research, AviciTM and QualcommTM and on advanced design and verification technology for Cadence®.

This varied sequence of technical leadership positions in micro-electronics verification and system-level modeling exposed Simon to the foundations as well as the practical and pragmatic aspects of many of the systems that Sequitur is securing today.

Other Notable Roles

Simon has maintained his academic connections as a Ph.D. examiner and as a member of Canadian scientific peer review committees (NSERC, CFI, FCAR). He was a member of the Science Council of Canada and a member of the Technical Advisory Board of Statistics Canada for six years, as well as Executive Director of the Royal Society of Canada for the year before he moved to the USA.

Simon is also a long-standing member of Rotary International and participates on the boards of a number of charitable organizations.

Mike Hendrick has over 15 years of experience in Telecommunications. Over his career, he has worked in many areas within the telecommunications industry from Engineering to Product Development to IT.

In his roles at T-Mobile, Mike partnered with many companies such as Ericsson, HTC, and Samsung to deliver products such as the first GPRS network in North America, T-Mobile’s MyFaves product, and self-service applications for smart phones. In addition, he worked in standardization efforts to help establish the GERAN specification for allowing mobile services over WiFi.

Mike started his career in antenna and RF design at Raytheon/TI. He graduated with a MS in electrical engineering from Auburn University.

Abhijeet Rane is currently Vice President of Marketing at Sequitur Labs Inc. He brings a strong background in marketing strategy and strategic management. Prior to Sequitur Labs, he ran his own startup building “teen” market centric mobile apps. Before that, he founded and ran a data analytics consulting firm landing clients such as Microsoft, Intel, HP, Cisco and IBM. He worked as a marketing consultant with various consulting firms and was recognized as a leading market analyst for the SMB space in the late 90’s. Abhijeet was an early employee at vJungle, the first Cloud platform company in the late 1990s and acquired by StreamServe in late 2002. Abhijeet started his career as a research analyst with IDC in 1991.

In his spare time Abhijeet is an avid photographer, loves traveling and acting in regional ethnic (Indian) theater.


Working at Sequitur Labs means working with some of the brightest minds in the field of security. We don’t just solve problems, we solve them with an eye towards the future. We are a small team, so along with skill, we value your ability to work with others in the company.

Sequitur Labs is always on the lookout for smart, forward-thinking people to join our team. If you are interested in contributing to new technologies and working in a dynamic environment, please send us a message via our Contact page.