CoreTEE - Foundational Security for IoT Systems

With connectivity comes risk. However, it is not enough to merely secure communications.

You need a strong security foundation that propagates security throughout the device and through the connected systems.

CoreTEETM is a Global Platform standards compliant Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for microprocessor platforms implementing the ARM® TrustZone®. CoreTEE enables device OEMs and embedded and IoT applications developers to leverage the advanced security and protection afforded by TrustZone. Click here to learn more about the TrustZone.

IP Protection

Malware Protection


Application Integrity


Secure Key and Data Storage


Secure Firmware Update


Tamper Detection


Trusted Remediation


Applications and Use Cases

Smart Meter

With CoreTEE, device makers can take advantage of a highly secure multi-tenancy platform, ensuring a strong firewall between multiple trusted applications.

CoreTEE supports the ARM® Cortex®-A processor family equipped with the ARM® TrustZone®. CoreTEE can be used for securing nearly any kind of IoT and embedded use case, such as industrial and consumer gateways, payment terminals for Point-of-Sale, kiosks and vending machines, and variety of devices used in applications ranging from automotive to healthcare.

Supported Platforms

Microchip logo

A5D2 Series

A5D4 Series

NXP Logo

QorIQ LayerScape: LS1043

i.MX6 and i.MX7

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CoreTEE Demo for Secure IoT

CoreTEE Product Overview