AVAILABLE NOW for the Arrow Shield96 Board
& the SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1

The EmSPARKTM Security Suite for the Shield96 & the SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1 boards is available for download.

About the Software Evaluation Kit

Welcome to the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Software Evaluation Kit download page. You are a step closer to securing your product!

The Software Evaluation Kit includes all deliverables necessary for a customer to build a fully functional Linux-based system on the SAMA5D27-SOM1-EK1Arrow Shield96 board or SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra rev.C board. It allows you to:

  • Flash the kit to the Arrow Shield96 board or you can purchase a preloaded Shield96 board from the Arrow website. You can also flash the SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra rev.C development boards via Secure SAM-BA Loader
  • Build applications and use the included security features
  • Run examples described in the User Guide that make use of the security features and preloaded keys and certificates
  • Test TLS/MQTT connectivity and authentication to Amazon AWS IoT using the provided device certificate

Software Evaluation Kit Registration and Download Process

Please follow these steps in order to download the Evaluation Kit:

  1. Fill and Accept the License Agreement: Accessing the Evaluation Kit requires you to first sign a license agreement. Please fill in the required information and digitally sign the agreement. Upon signing, you will be automatically directed to the account registration page (Step 2).
  2. Register and Create your Account: Enter the requested information into the form including a login and password to access the download site. Use these credentials to return to the download area at any time.
  3. Download: Completing the registration and logging back into the site takes you to the download page containing the Evaluation Kit.

Read and sign our License Agreement to begin your download:

What is Included

The Software Evaluation Kit includes all deliverables necessary for a customer to build a fully functional Linux system on a SAMA5D2 Xplained Ultra rev.C board. It includes the following:

  1. A compressed file containing:
    • Assets to build the A5D2 Xplained board with the Evaluation Kit
      • Secure SAM-BA encrypted files (.cip) containing the firmware, bootstrap and Customer Key (Sequitur Lab’s Customer Key)
      • Scripts/applets for the Secure Sam-BA Loader needed to flash the test boards
      • Instructions on how to flash the development board using Microchip’s Secure SAM-BA Loader (Secure SAM-BA Cypher is not needed)
    • Development Kit – CoreLockrTM libraries
  2. Keys and certificates supporting the example applications.
    • 1 OEM root certificate preloaded (associated private key provided as a file)
    • 1 AWS IoT root certificate
    • 1 OEM private key
    • Key pairs associated with all the preloaded certificates
    • 1 device certificate signed with the OEM root private key and the associated private key needed for TLS mutual authentication with AWS IoT
    • You can use the included keys and certificates in other test applications. Keys and certs are not unique to your downloaded copy of the Eval Kit. Do not use these keys in production devices as they do not provide adequate protection. They are to be used with the examples.
    • Note: The Kit includes instructions on how to create this device certificate supporting the AWS IoT example. The Production version of the EmSPARKTM Security Suite creates this device certificate on the fly during in-system provisioning.
  3. A User Guide that includes a detailed description of all the components, examples and how to enable all features of the Kit.
  4. Example applications

Support: Sequitur provides email support during the evaluation phase. Please send your support inquiries to Support.


Read and sign the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Software Evaluation Kit License Agreement to get started on implementing advanced security for your IoT device.


Follow this video to install the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Software Evaluation Kit for an easy start to implementing advanced security for your IoT device.


Visit the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Frequently Asked Questions.