EmSPARK™ Security Suite Kit Descriptions

Welcome to the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Software Description page. Sequitur Labs provides two types of software kits to help customers learn about and quickly implement EmSPARKTM Security Suite into their products.

Each kit offers a complete solution that includes Ubuntu version of Linux that is optimized for use with the EmSPARKTM Security Suite and the SAMA5D2.

For a detailed description of each kit, download the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Kit Description provided on this page.

Eval Kit Commercial Kits*
Setup Program the SAMA5D2 Xplained board
Program on custom SAMA5D2-based board
Use Linux kernel of choice
Burn fuses of the SAMA5D2
Capabilities Use CorelockrTM APIs
Use demo applications
Use TLS mutual authentication with AWS IoT Cloud
Use TLS mutual authentication with the IoT cloud (server) of choice
Application Development Develop applications in Linux
Use OpenSSL with Arm® TrustZone®-based cryptography functions
Use hardware-based cryptography functions
Keys & Certificates Preprogrammed (fixed) keys and certificates
Inject and use OEM root certificate
Use unique device certificate created and signed at programming
Inject 4 additional symmetric/asymmetric keys
Lifecycle Management Securely upgrade firmware

* Applies to Development and Final Production Kits.

Prepurchase Evaluation

Prototype Development

Product Commercialization

Licenses Associated With the Kits

Sequitur provides two kinds of licenses associated with the kits mentioned above. The Software Evaluation Kit has a web-based click-thru license. The  Production Kit is covered by a single commercial license which provides access to the kit.

Support Associated With the Kits

A support package is available for an additional fee of $5000.00 and includes up to 15 hours of support for implementing the EmSPARKTM Security Suite and integrating it with your application. This does not include hardware design, software architecture design and consultation. For those services, please contact our professional services group at Support for more information.


Read and sign the EmSPARKTM Security Suite Software Evaluation Kit License Agreement to get started on implementing advanced security for your IoT device.