Sequitur Labs' Enhances IoT and Embedded Security with CoreTEETM

Sequitur’s trusted execution environment enhances security for devices using ARM® TrustZone® technology

SEATTLE, WA, November 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sequitur Labs Inc. today announced the release of CoreTEETM – a Global Platform compliant Trusted Execution Environment (“TEE”) for IoT and other embedded devices. CoreTEE provides a secure foundation to create trustworthy devices by providing isolation for critical processes, data and key material. CoreTEE utilizes ARM® TrustZone® technology.

CoreTEE delivers:

    1. Industry standard, Global Platform, compliant APIs ensuring interoperability of trusted applications across various TEEs;
    2. Highly secure multi-tenancy, ensuring strong firewall between trusted applications;
    3. Secure peripheral driver framework for securing attached peripherals, ensuring various IO interfaces to an ARM SoC can be secured using the TEE;
    4. Static and dynamic loading of Trusted Applications (TAs);
    5. A preemptive scheduler for better application management and execution of multiple, concurrent TAs;
    6. Secure boot processes and a framework for cryptographic key management;
    7. Support for SoC-specific hardware security features such as RNG, PKCS, SHA, AES, TDES and others;
    8. Ability to drive a Trusted User Interface for secure input of information such as PIN capture;
    9. Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling SoC makers and device OEMs to create a developer ecosystem around their specific implementation of CoreTEE.

CoreTEE is built upon the ARM TrustZone technology in ARM Cortex®-A processors. CoreTEE can be used for securing nearly any kind of IoT and embedded use case such as industrial and consumer gateways, payment terminals for Point-of-Sale, kiosks and vending machines, and variety of devices used in applications ranging from automotive to healthcare.

“Security can no longer be an afterthought and must be designed in from the beginning. With CoreTEE, chip makers can now offer secure, standards compliant platform for device makers to make trustworthy devices,” said Philip Attfield, president and CEO of Sequitur Labs.

“The TrustZone-based TEE has established itself as an effective security foundation on which valuable services and great user experiences can be built,” said Rob Coombs, director of security marketing, ARM. “We welcome this announcement of CoreTEE in bringing standards-based security and important features such as Trusted User Interface and secure peripherals to ARM-based devices.”

Sequitur works closely with chip makers to port CoreTEE to a specific SoC architecture. CoreTEE is currently available for the Atmel® SMART SAMA5D4 and SAMA5D2 series. “As a leader in ultra-low power MCU and MPU IoT solutions, we are excited to collaborate with Sequitur Labs to enable customers another option for building smart and secure products,” said Laurence Barberis, product marketing manager for MPUs at Atmel Corp.



November 10, 2015

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Sequitur Labs is developing seminal technologies to improve trust in a connected world. Sequitur has pioneered new ways to improve security and manageability of connected devices, simplifying system-wide security and bringing unprecedented flexibility, control and customizability to policy driven management of devices. To learn more visit us at www.sequiturlabs.com.
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