Sequitur Labs Inc. Announces CoreLockr-TZTM – Dedicated Security Solution for ARM TrustZone for v8-M

Sequitur Labs now provides a complete security suite supporting TrustZone technologies across Cortex-A and Cortex-M platforms

SEATTLE, October 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ - Sequitur Labs Inc. today announced the availability of CoreLockr-TZTM, a dedicated security solution for small, resource constrained devices using TrustZone for ARMv8-M. CoreLockr-TZ helps IoT and embedded systems developers take advantage of secure and non-secure memory architecture of ARM’s v8-M architecture. It allows exposing resources and functions held in secure memory as services to developers writing applications held in non-secure memory. CoreLockr-TZ’s out-of-the-box APIs and services simplify access to typical secured resources such as cryptography. This enables application developers to rapidly secure their devices and protect:

  • Intellectual property (eg: proprietary algorithms).
  • Sensitive or private data.
  • Communications and transactions between devices or to the Cloud.
  • Against malware attacks.
  • Peripherals.

CoreLockr-TZ Diagram


Further, CoreLockr-TZ also enables using secured resources to remedy faults in the non-secure part of the device. This secure “self-healing” capability ensures device integrity and graceful recovery in case of failure or attacks.

Comprehensive Security Suite for IoT and Embedded Devices

In November 2015, Sequitur Labs announced CoreTEETM – a Trusted Execution Environment for ARM Cortex-A based devices. CoreTEE already supports TrustZone implementations on a number of platforms including Microchip’s SMART | A5D2 and A5D4 and NXP’s QorIQ LS1 family, as well as I.MX6 and I.MX7 platforms.

“With CoreLockr-TZ and CoreTEE, Sequitur now offers a comprehensive security suite covering Cortex-M based devices such as edge nodes, and Cortex-A based devices such as gateways. End-to-end trust is now easily achievable,” said Philip Attfield, CEO of Sequitur Labs. “With robust software solutions and easy to use tools, TrustZone can be the hardware foundation of the security strategy for any device maker.”

“Incentivizing” Security

Making it easy to deploy essential hardware technologies, such as TrustZone for ARM v8-M, is part of Sequitur’s mission. A rapidly expanding IoT market has brought new challenges including the influx of developers with little to no background in embedded systems programming. These developers use higher level languages and must be supported in a way that enables them to rapidly implement security. Additionally, the growing market has put pressure on product development and release timelines. Solutions enabling quick uptake of new security technologies are always welcomed by device makers and application developers. For them, CoreLockr-TZ delivers a way to:

  • Easily adopt the new ARMv8-M architecture without compromising product delivery timelines.
  • Lower the effort and cost associated with securing products.
  • Reduce errors and product testing time.

For silicon vendors, adding CoreLockr-TZ to their security solutions enables differentiated offerings in a highly competitive marketplace. Integrating CoreLockr-TZ with their software development tools, or delivered as part of the board support package, will enable their customers to quickly start working with the hardware security features resulting in greater productivity and a better experience.

To learn more about CoreLockr-TZ and Sequitur’s security suite go to www.sequiturlabs.com or send email to info@sequiturlabs.com.


Making it easy to deploy essential hardware technologies, such as TrustZone for ARM v8-M, is part of Sequitur’s mission.

October 25, 2016

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