How to Use the Logo

To maintain their protection, the Sequitur Labs logo must be used in a consistent and prominent way so
that it will immediately be recognized as the Sequitur Labs trademark.

It must be used consistently on all products, packaging, advertising materials, stationery, business forms,
transportation, signage, etc., in accordance with the mandatory rules which are laid down in this section.

Use of the Sequitur Labs Logo With Other Trademarks

A clear zone of at least 2xQ must be maintained between the logo and any other trademarks,
symbols, logos, etc.

Logo configuration color

The configuration must only be reproduced in white, black or PANTONEĀ® 7621C.The configuration
must be used on a regular and contrasting background. Do not position the configuration within a frame or
on any background especially created for it.


To ensure suitable prominence, the logo must appear in black on a background with a
tonal value lighter than 40%. It must appear in white on a background with a tonal value darker than 40%.


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