The IoT Security Suite is a software solution that makes it easy for IoT device OEMs to develop secure and trustworthy products.

Secure Edge Gateway

Secure Edge Gateway System

The edge gateway is the core element in what is referred today as "Edge" or "Fog computing." As the name suggests, it provides gateway functions—it connects sensors/nodes at one end, provides one or multiple local function, and extends bi-directional communications to the cloud. An edge gateway can provide compute power to multiple applications serving one or more customers.

Since customers are continually seeking cost and compute efficiencies, the industry’s goal is to make it very easy to develop, deploy and maintain services running on the edge gateways. The trend is to enable modern micro services development and deployment practices for the edge gateways via Docker containers or similar technology. This will extend dev ops practices to edge computing and empower IoT deployments at scale.

Edge IoT infrastructure is meant to perform functions that, today, are fulfilled in the cloud under a controlled environment. Security functions such as authentication/authorization, encryption/decryption, integrity checking, etc, as well as customer specific functions, will be performed in physically reachable edge gateways. Sensitive functions are now exposed to a wide range of possible security attacks. IoT devices at the edge are introducing a new level of complexity in the realm of security.

Sequitur Labs' EmSPARKTM product abstracts the hardware features of the silicon and delivers a security framework, which in the context of IoT edge, addresses two key aspects:

  • Establishment of a secure platform that includes trusted boot, secure key material storage and a trusted execution environment that isolates the cryptographic operations, key material handling and critical functions from the operating system.
  • Exposure of an easy-to-use software development framework for cyber resilient application extended for use within docker containers.

Secure Edge Gateway for NXP Layerscape LS1043, LS1012

Secure Edge Gateway for Microchip SAMA5D2